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Business Formation and Restructuring

Law Firm of Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry S.C. handles business formation and restructuring for enterprises of all sizes and structures. Through extensive experience, we understand how to approach the legal and business obstacles commonly found in today’s marketplace. Our team is poised to help new businesses get off on the right foot by choosing the right entity structure and funding options for their unique needs. We also assist business owners with entity formation and any lender negotiations that are required to finance the growing needs of operating the business.

While we sincerely enjoy helping businesses establish themselves and flourish, we recognize that the road to success can produce various financial challenges along the way. Our lawyers know how to help a business through the sometimes costly and difficult process of restructuring, including credit accessibility and recapitalization. We can identify issues and help craft customized solutions that will make the resulting business stronger than before. We will also assist businesses with account collection to increase their working capital.

No matter the needs of your business, our skilled, experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are ready to help you take the next step forward.

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