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Estate and Retirement Planning

Our firm knows that you have worked hard your entire life to build your wealth. We want to honor your hard work and preserve your wishes for your lifetime and the lifetime of your beneficiaries. We counsel clients on the latest changes in estate taxes and probate avoidance and assist them in carrying out their wishes in a tax-wise and efficient manner.

We believe that clients who start their estate and retirement planning efforts early live a richer, more peaceful life. Their financial goals are focused, and their minds are free from worry about the future.

Special Needs

Our estate planning attorneys also assist clients with creating trusts for beneficiaries with special needs. Whether a beneficiary struggles with dependency, addiction, poor money management, a disability or other special circumstance, proper planning can allow those with special needs to benefit, while minimizing the risks and negative consequences associated with uncontrolled distributions. Let us help your assets become a blessing and not a burden to others.

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