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Criminal Law

Our attorneys provide skillful, thorough and effective representation for clients facing charges and penalties. With a comprehensive and personalized approach, we guide clients through each phase of a criminal case, including pre-charging and pre-trial investigations, legal analysis and motion practice, plea bargaining and trial and appellate advocacy. If you, a family member or someone you know has been charged with a crime or municipal violation in Wisconsin, a strong and zealous defense is critical to protecting and preserving liberty, resources, reputation and livelihood.

Law Firm of Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry, S.C. provides representation to those accused of various criminal offenses or municipal violations, including:

  • OWI and other criminal traffic offenses
  • Municipal traffic violations
  • White-collar crimes, including accusations of trade secret violations, theft, fraud and embezzlement
  • Juvenile
  • Government and administrative agency investigations
  • Expungement of criminal and juvenile records
  • Traffic infraction expungements
  • Restraining orders and injunctions
  • Asset and civil forfeiture

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