Whether you’re an established attorney looking for a career change, or a new attorney fresh out of law school—or if you seek a paralegal role or another supporting position—there are many good reasons to join the team at COJ.

In this blog, Attorney Steven J. Krueger shares some of the top reasons why people choose the Law Firm of Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry, S.C.

“Our new attorneys and staff are often surprised by what they find here, both in terms of our company culture and the ability to grow professionally,” Steven said. “We’re a collaborative team, and we’re very strongly involved in the community.”

One of the things that attorneys soon learn when they start at COJ is that they’ll be able to work within many areas of law. COJ works in dozens of practice areas, including business and corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, estate and retirement planning, environment, litigation and trials, family law, personal injury, technology, intellectual property and many more.

“Our team members will be able to work with a variety of legal challenges they may not have had exposure to in law school,” Steven said. “We offer the chance to build practical knowledge and acumen right from the start.”

Attorneys and paralegals also get to interact with clients from a variety of backgrounds, and help solve a range of problems these clients are encountering.

“Each client that comes to us for assistance has a different and challenging problem that we’re here to help them work through,” Steven said. “The COJ team is proactive in finding solutions and has the opportunity to witness positive outcomes at the end.”

A welcoming atmosphere

At COJ, new attorneys, paralegals and other team members will find a team-focused, family-type environment—something that’s apparent from day one. “We won’t leave our new attorneys and team members to their own devices,” Steven said. “We’re here to support them and answer questions as they develop within their areas of focus.”

As one example, COJ has an attorney who started as an intern during her undergraduate program, then came back to clerk, and then was offered a position as an attorney. “She had the opportunity to view the industry through each role, and to learn from the start how COJ works and interacts with a variety of clients,” Steven said.

Not only does the COJ staff help new team members get established in their professional role, they often make time to get together outside of work—a true indicator of their sense of connection.

“Spending time together helps develop greater understanding of each other, and that makes our professional work even more cohesive,” Steven said. “The fact that we truly enjoy each other’s company is a testament to our workplace culture.”

Giving back to the community

One of the ways that COJ team members spend time together outside of work is through community-based projects and events. These serve not only as a way to strengthen the team’s connections with each other, but as a way to fulfill COJ’s commitment to community.

COJ staff gives its time and talents to support dozens of community and charitable organizations within the greater Green Bay area, including to fundraisers and other events. COJ attorneys also offer free legal updates on Employment Law to the business community through webinars.

“We understand the value of giving back, and we’re grateful to be a valued part of this community,” Steven said. “But even beyond that, we want our people to follow their passions and to know that we want them to spend time giving to the causes that are meaningful to them.”

Learn more about becoming a valued member of the legal team at the Law Firm of Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry, S.C.

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