On August 25, Attorney Ross Townsend successfully defended Bellevue Fire Chief Brad Muller against misconduct charges brought by firefighter David Dellemann and the International Assoc. of Firefighters Union, Local 141.

The charges were filed with the Bellevue Fire Commission in June, and the parties presented initial arguments to the Commission on July 1. On August 25 the Fire Commission dismissed all of the charges against Chief Muller. After the hearing, Attorney Townsend noted that he was pleased, though not surprised, by the result because the charges were “completely meritless.” Townsend added that, “It’s shocking that the Union and that Mr. Dellemann would go to these extents to try to destroy the reputation of a good man like Chief Muller. Their charges were outrageous, unfounded, and should never have been raised.” For more information about the Commission’s decision click here.

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